Customer Service

One day at my desk, my Internet modem stopped working. I called Comcast to get service and their computer asked me to explain what I wanted. I stated the problem to the computer and it automatically said, “We will reset your modem, wait 10 minutes and try again.” I did exactly what the computer said and miraculously the modem worked again. But, later the same thing happened and the modem wouldn’t work.
I called Comcast again and received the same computer with the same response to reset my modem. It did not give me any other choice.
I hung up a little bit frustrated and dialed again but this time I asked for sales. Of course, sales answers the phone not service. They kindly told me to return the modem to a store whereby they gave me a new modem and it worked. Large companies use computer answering systems more and more only to frustrate their customers more and more.
Hopefully, now with this new commitment, we will be once again be treated as real customers.


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