Certifying Social Responsibility

I noticed that there are many groups certifying social responsibility for organizations. Are you certified? Does a certified company:

  1. Behave differently with their customers? Do they learn from the customer? Do they change their computer answering systems? Can you reach their top officers?
  2. Now help their employees to improve their skills? Have they stopped laying off people to improve their profits? Have they changed the very nature of work from repetitive boring tasks to look at everyone as a potential craftsperson?
  3. That a company is now working as partners with their suppliers?
  4. Take responsibility to improve the environment around them? Do they retrain the poor to become self-reliant?
  5. Do they now have a long-term vision instead of the short-term one?

One thought on “Certifying Social Responsibility

  1. Excellent idea Norman, I think is of primary necessity that our organizations become more socially responsible and can demonstrate this to the world. Businesses are not just profits (even though they are really important), but they are formed with people and for the people (customers and suppliers are persons, believe it or not :), and are also part of a bigger context (society and earth), thank your for sharing this with the world!

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