Why I wrote the book?

For 50 years, based on Milton Friedman’s teaching, America corporations, and many of the world’s corporations have been focusing on “profits only,” and they have neglected the customer, their employees, their suppliers, their communities and the environment.

Now, 181 of the top US corporations have made a new commitment to become social responsible and to change the above.

I wrote the book to help them do it. This is enormous opportunity for you. They need help. They need new leaders to help them “do the right thing.” You know how to do it, but up to this time you were not allowed to.

I would hope you would join us. Read my book, many people have praised it. If unhappy, I will be pleased to return your money.

We will be running workshops online. We will teach you how to run your own workshops within your company.

Also, the Coronavirus is playing havoc with the world – especially the world of work. Many of you are working at home – autonomously. This is changing the whole management system. It requires a new manager to manage autonomous workers.

Join us and we will make this a better world for all.

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