Milton Glaser – America’s number one designer

Milton Glaser died this past weekend at the age of 91. He designed Dylan covers, I Love New York, and hundreds of other famous posters. He was honored by President Obama with an arts and science medal. Milton also designed the modern supermarket; at one time just a big grocery store to now being a store filled with little shops.

I am indebted to Milton. He was a very good friend of Rudi my meditation teacher and in 1979 I went to Milton and asked if he would give me a logo for my new newsletter Productivity.

He agreed but before he did it, he asked me to write a newsletter for him and he gave me a list of ten items to do to have a great newsletter. I followed Milton’s advice and with Jeff, my editor, we spent one month to write a newsletter for just Milton.

I went back to Milton and showed him the newsletter and he did it which gave my newsletter and my company a very professional image. He charged me $1,000 when he probably got $10,000 from others.

I was so lucky to meet Milton. Even though I very rarely saw him, I looked at him as a very good friend. I am sure he is up there with Rudi having a wonderful time.

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