Customer Service

How to get loyal customers?

Around 1990, I moved from Cambridge, Mass. to Portland, Oregon and my automobile got a flat tire. I went to a gasoline station to have it fixed but differently from the East Coast, the local station does not fix tires. They sent me to Les Schwab, a chain of tire stores. There they fixed the tire but gave me no invoice. I was surprised. They do not charge to fix tires. I tried to give him a tip but he refused. Now in the past 20 years, I only go to Les Schwab to buy tires.

Does your company recognize the need to get loyal customers? Does your company send customer service to Asia? Do the most experienced employees talk to the customer? How important is this issue to you and to your company?

Who are you loyal to? Write down the products and services you are loyal to and use that as the basis to establish greater loyalty for your organization.

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