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“Supporting the communities …”

Social Responsibility – “Supporting the communities … protect the environment by embracing sustainable practices.” – Business Roundtable

TVS Motors, is the third largest 2-wheeler company in India with a revenue of over $2.9 billion US).

In 1980, Venu Shrinivasan, CEO of TVS, set up SST a charity that has uplifted over 3.4 million people in India out of poverty.

TVS invested in a few of their employees to go into the villages where people where living in shacks with no electricity, no running water and no toilets. The employees normally selected around 15 women in each village, found their talents (weaving, cooking, etc.,) and had them set up small businesses.

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I visited 15 of those villages. At one, I saw four bread factories, each with 15 women making the flat India Chapati bread and selling it to local companies and stores. The women now all lived in cement houses with electricity, running water and toilets.

Just imagine how America can change for the better if industry would go out into our communities and train people to take care of themselves. The investment is so small but the results would be so great.

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