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Challenging the Status Quo of Executive Compensation

In a recent conversation, I learned about the CEO of Tulip Retail in Canada, Ali Asaria, who wants to give away 80% of his compensation in charity. There are many important aspects about this. First, this is a modern tech company that is playing in the multi-million dollar digital marketplace. Second, it’s not just hearsay,… Continue reading Challenging the Status Quo of Executive Compensation

Communities and Environment

Kamikatsu and the Zero Waste Movement

Kamikatsu is a quaint town nestled in the mountains in Japan. This unsuspecting town has achieved the impossible of producing zero waste. No incinerators, no landfills. Since 2003, they’ve proven that with rigor and focus, the world can ween itself from excessive consumption and waste. We’re often asked for examples of what good likes like… Continue reading Kamikatsu and the Zero Waste Movement

Communities and Environment

“Supporting the communities …”

Social Responsibility – “Supporting the communities … protect the environment by embracing sustainable practices.” – Business Roundtable TVS Motors, is the third largest 2-wheeler company in India with a revenue of over $2.9 billion US). In 1980, Venu Shrinivasan, CEO of TVS, set up SST a charity that has uplifted over 3.4 million people in India… Continue reading “Supporting the communities …”