With people becoming autonomous what is the role of the manager?

Yes, the world is radically changing. I called a person at Traveler’s Insurance and found out that all of their employees are now working at home, (approximately 30,000 employees.)

I spend a good part of my day on the telephone and I find it now very difficult to reach people. It used to take a few minutes to get support from Apple but last time it took 49 minutes. I tried to reach Verizon for help but just gave up. A vast number of people are at home serving their customers remotely, but very few have been taught how to be autonomous.

When autonomous, you have to make lot more decisions on your own, In the past, when needed, people had a supervisor or manager to reach out to; not so easy today.

Quickly the supervisor and manager has to become a coach to bring out the best from their employees. People need, quickly, knowledge courses on your services, your products, your rules, your standards and your procedures.

Stay tuned, we hope to teach you each day how to be a better coach and how your organizations can become more responsive, more socially responsive to your customers, your employees, your suppliers and the environment.

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