Autonomous – managers have to become coaches

Wow, it is not easy for me to do “business as normal.” People are just not there or they are at home and do not have the power to help me. Today I called Union Bank to wire funds to Japan. I have done this many times before with this bank, but they changed their procedures and now people are just not available. The virus is threatening but we do have to continue to survive and it is up to the managers to “rise to the occasion,” and learn how to help people with their new autonomy.

You don’t let a child fly an airplane and you don’t give people this new authority without giving them the needed knowledge and skills.

I have found the “world’s greatest CEO coach-” Kazuyoshi Hisano. He has worked with close to 200 CEOs in Japan and America. We translated his book on CEO Coaching from Japanese to English and will be publishing it in a few months. His subtitle is, “increasing your sales 100 times. Sounds like an exaggeration but in truth the only thing standing in your way is the limitations you perceive.

I have been taught by Mr. Hisano and I can teach your CEOs how to set very high goals and attain them and also how to teach all of their managers how to become great coaches.

Stay tuned.

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