A New Age

Every organization has a new vision, a very powerful goal, to become socially responsible – to do the right thing

Every individual has a high goal to grow and serve others

Together we will create a whole new world

  1. To serving our customers better
  2. To develop our employees to their fullest
  3. To work with our suppliers as partners
  4. To take better care of our communities and the environment
  5. To serve our investors with a long-term view
“God does not make mediocre people. God makes only geniuses.”  – Lou Tice

Last year, 2019, 181 of the top 200 CEO’s in America, members of the Business Roundtable, made a new commitment to have their organizations become more socially responsible to serve their customers better, to serve their employees better through training and skill building, to have better relationships with their suppliers, to be more concerned with their communities and the environment and also to think more long-term to serve their investors well.  The trick is to improve social responsibility and still remain successful.  We know that you can do it.

This is a dynamic shift from the past focus almost exclusively on profits. We applaud and welcome this important change at this momentous time.

We will surely get through this virus pandemic and this new commitment from America’s corporate leaders allows us to look freshly at how we do business.  What is the purpose of our company? Why are we in business? I believe the leader now should become a coach focused on helping people to develop themselves and to really become more autonomous.

In the past, it might have been profits only for the shareholders, but that did not give much excitement to most of us. Yes, work should be a place that fulfills us, a happy experience, a place where we can grow our skills and capabilities, make a nice living and also to serve others.

Prior to 1900, people were fundamentally farmers or highly skilled trades people.  Then along comes Frederick Taylor and Henry Ford with the simplification of work.  Skill is virtually gone; people on the assembly line doing boring repetitive tasks. Ford from the new system became one of the most successful companies in the world and a model for every other company. We dehumanized work and the companies became rich.  However, few people had choices. They needed the work to make a living.

Strangely, maybe we can view the virus as a good thing if it gets us to change the very nature of work and to get us more focused on creating a better world for us all. People are capable of doing amazing things. They only need capable managers to help them discover and develop the talent within them.

We have been destroying this precious earth and maybe the virus is shouting back at us to “stop.”       Of course, you need profits to survive.  But we feel you can do both good, be more socially responsible, improve your value to your customers and also sustain your profits.

To lead this change effort, I first want you to recognize that almost everyone is a “creature of habits,” living in their “comfort zone,” and almost every person resists going beyond self-imposed barriers. Please recognize those limitations are only self-created and that we all, with effort, can go beyond them.  We are here to help you.

            We live in a comfort zone where we feel somewhat safe and in control. We often fear going beyond the unknown, the comfort zone. In most companies, there is very little job security.  You can easily be laid off or fired if you make a mistake.  But when we set ourselves a very high goal, become determined to attain it and are willing to learn new skills to take us there, we almost automatically expand our comfort zone.

            This web site is a leader’s guide to help your organization become more socially responsible.  Pick a new strong goal for the success of your organization and for your own success. Now you have a new mandate. It is up to you to find the best way to accomplish it. We recommend you just do the right thing! You know what is right. You know how to treat your customers, your employees, your suppliers and how to improve the environment. Yes, you want to treat others just the way you want to be treated.

            We hope as you go through this change process that you will treat your employees better: give them more autonomy, encourage them to be more creative, help them learn new skills, offer them meaningful work to do; and challenge them to aspire to grow without limit.

I hope this is a new wonderful journey for us all as we create a better world to live in.

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